Unsung Productions

With Unsung Productions, you will find that there is no right or wrong sound – only Music.

Producers / recording artists Markus Reuter and Benni Schäfer, based in Berlin, Germany are the heart of Unsung Productions: an international music production team without borders. The pair are supported in their endeavors by an eclectic team of creative associates who collectively possess the skills and experience to produce great records at intercontinental distances. Their individual methods are as varied as the locations in which they reside, nonetheless the team goal remains consistent: the creative use of the present moment in capturing a timeless musical document.

Unsung Productions believe that every album in an artist’s career should be a statement that remains true forever. This sentiment holds emphatic value for any artist’s debut. The team especially enjoys working with new bands and solo artists, helping to craft debut recordings that meet the values and standards that both their clients and fans alike come to expect.

Regardless of what stage an artist’s career currently finds itself, Unsung Productions strives to create albums full of excitement and surprises, which will ultimately be celebrated for their timeless sound.

Stick Men+ Download coming soon! Studio preview of 'Talking Dr…

Markus Reuter and Benni Schäfer of Unsung Productions are mixing "Stick Men featuring David Cross". Download of 2 full shows coming very soon. Stay tuned.

Posted by Stick Men (Official) on Tuesday, April 28, 2015


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