Unsung Productions

With Unsung Productions, you will find that there is no right or wrong sound – only Music.

Producers / recording artists Markus Reuter (based in Berlin, Germany) and Lee Fletcher (in South Devon, UK) are the heart of Unsung Productions: an international music production team without borders. The pair are supported in their endeavors by an eclectic team of creative associates who collectively possess the skills and experience to produce great records at intercontinental distances. Their individual methods are as varied as the locations in which they reside, nonetheless the team goal remains consistent: the creative use of the present moment in capturing a timeless musical document.

Core Unsung partners include Bernhard Wöstheinrich (Germany), Fabio Trentini (Italy), Adrian Benavides (US), Marziano Fontana (Italy), Benjamin Schäfer (Germany), and Robert Frazza (US). Together with Lee and Markus this distinctive band of music professional are dedicated to excellence, efficiency and attention to detail. In the spirit of believing there is no such thing as a ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ sound, the Unsung Productions team is open to using any kind of technology / methodology that yields their desired result: namely, the expression of emotion, tension and relief which lives and breathes through music. Their unique approach to geographical possibilities (which others may consider a hindrance to their own work) facilitates a global network of renowned session musicians, studios, and world-class engineers in recording, mixing, and mastering. Via this extended ‘family’ of creative professionals, the possibilities the team can bring to any given production are vast. This network also allows Unsung Productions the flexibility to make choices in a broad variety of recording and mixing facilities. They have developed the foresight and experience of knowing what place and which personnel will yield the intended temperament and sound for any production.

Perhaps most importantly, not only are Markus, Lee and co gifted producers – they are each proficient and experienced recording artists, touring musicians, songwriters / composers, arrangers, engineers, mixers, and mastering engineers. This astounding reinforcement of skills among each member of the Unsung Productions team ensures the utmost professionalism and quality. It also frees the artist from any fears that may otherwise arise during the production process.

Within what might seem to the artist like a cold or threatening title in the word “producer”, Unsung’s team members see themselves more as musical directors, project managers, and advocates of the artist’s vision throughout the creative process. Their combined skill sets and professional networks also provide a structure in which productions of almost any budget can be accommodated. It’s not uncommon that artists will find they need assistance in taking their studio work to the stage. The Unsung team has extensive knowledge of current technology and options regarding the triggering of pre-recorded audio events during live performance or the programming of backing tracks. Unsung Productions can provide consultations and full services for live pre-production. This type of work can be done for the artist even when presented with material that has not been previously produced by Unsung’s team.

Unsung Productions believe that every album in an artist’s career should be a statement that remains true forever. This sentiment holds emphatic value for any artist’s debut. The team especially enjoys working with new bands and solo artists, helping to craft debut recordings that meet the values and standards that both their clients and fans alike come to expect.

Regardless of what stage an artist’s career currently finds itself, Unsung Productions strives to create albums full of excitement and surprises, which will ultimately be celebrated for their timeless sound.