Tobias Reber – Backup Aura

released 01 June 2010

‘Backup Aura’ is Tobias Reber’s debut solo release featuring six electronic compositions that have their conceptual home on the continuum of Intuitive vs. algorithmic composition.

The sound sources used for the pieces range from field recordings to meticulously designed samples. This sonic material is arranged using a number of algorithmic approaches that are always traditionally informed/filtered by the musical choices of the composer.

The six pieces almost feel like miniatures and each has its very own atmosphere and sound world. Despite this there is a strange kind of coherence about the album as a whole. The two percussion-heavy pieces provide it with an inner scaffolding, so that there’s a convincing artistic balance to the overall structure that embeds the more onomatopoetic compositions.

On the whole, Tobias Reber’s Backup Aura is a focused display of organic interplay of human approaches and technology. It’s a more than adequate debut album that seems to work on whatever level one looks at.