Tim Motzer & Markus Reuter – Descending

1k018 | released 01 October 2010

Philadelphia guitarist Tim Motzer and German touch guitarist Markus Reuter’s duo project of dark ambient improvisations features UK flautist Theo Travis, the gorgeous pedal steel work of BJ Cole (the Orb, Brian Eno), Pat Mastelotto (King Crimson, Stick Men, XTC) glitch electronics, and spatial cymbal work by Doug Hirlinger. A stunningly beautiful record.

Descending began as an ambient duo project between Motzer and German touch guitarist/composer/producer Markus Reuter (Tuner, centrozoon, Stick Men). Reuter came to Philadelphia in 2008 after an initial meeting in Munich while Motzer was on tour. Working with baritone and touch guitars, loopers and electronics, Motzer & Reuter created ethereal soundscapes during sessions at 1k recording studio and for an in-studio radio broadcast. Later, Motzer invited UK flautist Theo Travis to contribute to the project. The two played on Nine Horses-Snow Borne Sorrow album by Sylvian, Friedman, and Steve Jansen. Travis, who tours with Robert Fripp and GONG, added beautiful flute melodies and chordal loops to “1200 Sundays”, and the haunting glitch guitars of “Emanuella”. Enter another British musician, BJ Cole, lauded by Sting as “the worlds greatest steel pedal player”. His gorgeous work unfolds wonderful textures, densities, and mysterious layers of melodies to “We Were”, “Sound of the Sun”, “Ritual Observance”, and “Descending”. King Crimson drummer Pat Mastelotto recorded electronic percussion between his furiously hectic schedule with Stickmen and Allan Holdsworth. Additional spatial cymbals and metals were added by drummer Doug Hirlinger (BASE3).

Descending is a deeply sublime and stunningly beautiful work revealing more with each listen. Timeless and infinitely rich, Descending will certainly appeal to fans of Brian Eno, Frippertronics, Supersilent, and Sylvian (with whom four of the musicians on this album have worked)



Markus Reuter and Tim Motzer