The Samba Factor – The Samba Factor

released February 28, 2017

A guide through THE SAMBA FACTOR by Jochen Hampl:

The Samba Factor is Luiz Bertonis’ brainchild. A few years ago he discovered me playing those weird bass guitar lines with Markus Reuter in Syntony.
So he came up with the idea to meet me in Rio de Janeiro to record an album.
Surprisingly and fortunately I got the chance to visit Chile and Brazil for 7 weeks during European wintertime and we checked out our availabilities together with Ceslo Suckow for 3 recording sessions at Microcosmo Studio in Rio de Janeiro.
Immedaitely after I returned back home to Austria we started with treatments and arrangments for this five tracks….

Circus of Concinnity:
I washed my slightly sunburnt skin in the waters of Rio Magico in Cochiguaz/ Chile, for a reason also known as the geomagnetic center of our planet.
Quite a thing, I felt newborn and laughed like a kid in the evening.
The field recordings in the beginning were taken in the Metros in Santiago de Chile and Rio, pointed out as a start of a trip. At the end of the track, the “mega circus” stopped in Pisco Elqui near Cochiguaz.
I wrote the lyrics on New Year’s Eve during the fireworks, sang it bleary – eyed on 1st January. A venture of a new year, whatever that means to zivilisation.

Elements of morning:
South Americas’ big cities are very hot. If you want to breathe a cooler breeze at Parque Forestal in Santaigo de Chile or at Lagoa in Rio de Janeiro,you have to get up early.
But me, sometimes a was too lazy, I stayed in bed and did polyrhythmic excercises until my stomach rumbled.
The first track ever, that Luiz and I recorded and Celso captured all these elements in one take on the next day.

Mosqueto barato (Bebeto):
Packed with quite a few bottles of drinking water in my rucksack I walked around in Bellas Artes/ Santiago, enjoying street life.
Just listen to the bassline, and you know how heavy I stomped with all that water on my shoulders.
On the other hand the bassline is a reminder to omnipresent Southamerican Football.
And Bebeto was one of the great players, if he is now as a politician, I don’t know.

Sweating out my mind by walking up to Corcovado through Parque Lage in Rio de Janeiro. Thousands of different greens.
Somehow I felt like a ghost or a ghost felt like me.
Floating at a creek in this inner city jungle or ready for a climbing competition with apes and birds.

Baião Phuzz:
Fully improvised, all instruments snuggles into Baião, an influental dance and rythm from Brazil. A convergence of old and new.


Luiz Bertoni: Drums, percussion, synths.
Jochen Hampl: Bass guitar, field recordings, electronics, vocal.
Celso Suckow: Electric guitars.

Recorded at Microcosmo Studio and Della Soulza Studio, Rio de Janeiro – Brazil.
And Studio Gapphaus, Absam – Austria.

Produced by Luiz Bertoni and Jochen Hampl.
Mixed by Luiz Bertoni at The Microcosmo Studio.R.J. – Brazil
Mastered by Lee Fletcher (for Unsung Productions), Paignton – U.K.

All themes written by Bertoni/Hampl/Suckow.

Acknowledgements: Thanks to Luiz Paulo Moura for providing essential gear for the recording of the album.
Clarissa Cosmo for the endless patience and
support at Della Soulza Studio.
Special thanks to Sinergia for the support and The Anti-$ocial Network for the insights.
Very special thanks to Michael Kronthaler without him this album would not be possible.
And thank you Lee Fletcher for your friendship.