Stick Men (Bootlegs) – 20141023 The Tralf, Buffalo, NY (Audience Recording)

SMB20141023 | released October 23, 2014 | This is an unauthorized audience recording (by an unknown person) that has been widely shared on the internet without our consent. We are now making recordings like this publicly and officially available for purposes of archiving, (our own) historical research, and for your enjoyment as a fan and collector.

Some of these bootleg recordings are of very bad quality, so please check before you buy. Some tracks are streaming to give you a preview of the sound. BTW, files are released in the highest resolution that’s available.

Each show is offered for a rather low price and the proceeds from these downloads will get split evenly between Tony, Markus, Pat, and Robert, the four people who worked as a team to make this music come alive.

We appreciate your interest and your support. We have many audience recordings lined up for this series (unauthorized audience recordings, but also Robert Frazza’s board mixes, as well as many of his multi-track recordings, which still need to get mixed), and we will be adding more in good time.


Tony Levin: Chapman Stick, Voice
Markus Reuter: Touch Guitars® AU8, Live Looping
Pat Mastelotto: Drums, Samples
Robert Frazza: F.O.H. engineer

Special thanks to the audience for coming out to your concerts.