Stick Men – Scored, Book and Play-Along Tracks

IAP1601 | Release September 5, 2016 | 46 individual play-along track for all pieces featured in the SCORED book

Use these as play-alongs or listen to them in order to get a deeper insight into the architecture of our compositions.

Includes a PDF version of the SCORED book.










SCORED – The book

Stick Men - SCORED, the book

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Tony Levin’s inimitable groove and distinctive tone
Markus Reuter’s soundscapes and theory-informed composition
Pat Mastelotto‘s electronics and hard-hitting drums

All of the above elements combine in Stick Men to create music that’s more than the sum
of its parts, taking the innovations of King Crimson a step further. Few other trios can
produce instrumental music with more than five simultaneous time signatures using unusual
scales, and fewer still can imbue such complex music with emotion.

The Chapman Stick and U8 Touch Guitar parts for their records Absalom, OPEN, and DEEP
have been collected in this volume, carefully and thoroughly transcribed by Gabriel Riccio,
who previously expanded the tapping sheet music repertoire by transcribing Trey Gunn’s
touch guitar music in Trey Gunn Scores.

Stick Men Scored features detailed notation and full tablature for 17 songs. Whether you’re seeking to learn how to play this music on a tapping instrument, translate it to a different instrument, or simply learn how it works compositionally, this book will provide all of the tools you need.

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