Bernhard - Down on Earth

released 01 May 1998 | “Down on Earth” is an early solo work of Bernhard.

Europa String Choir - Lemon Crash

released 01 April 2000 | A quartet consisting of violectra, two guitars and touch guitar from Centrozoon’s Markus Reuter.

Ian Boddy & Markus Reuter - Distant Rituals

DiN9 | released 01 April 1999 | Reuter bends notes and blends tones with Ian Boddys sublime atmospherics. Watch the goose bumps rise as dense dark cloudscapes give way to luminous bliss in this fascinating collaboration.

Markus Reuter - Taster (with 10th Anniversary Bonus Tracks)

released 13 January 1998

Europa String Choir - The Starving Moon

released 01 April 1993