Sonar - A Flaw of Nature

Ronin Rhythm Records 2012, Harmonia Mundi | released 01 April 2012 | file under funk, jazz, minimal, world and Switzerland

Sha's Feckel - Greatest Hits

Ronin Rhythm Records 2012 | released 01 April 2012 | Live at Kaufleuten 2011

Erik Emil Eskildsen - Slow Fire Burning Gently

released 29 February 2012 | Erik Emil Eskildsen’s debut album of electronic compositions that are sourced from guitar improvisations.

Markus Reuter featuring Tim Motzer - Star's End

released 12 December 2011 | Star’s End is the second album in Markus Reuter’s “featuring” series of releases with extraordinary musicians.

Interview with Fabio Trentini (Moonbound)

The interview was recorded 02 October, 2011 and was first broadcast on the progressive rock podcast Progopolis ( and is brought to you courtesy of The Dividing Line Broadcast Network Interviewer: Vince Font

Markus Reuter - Kopfmensch

released 01 November 2011 | A compilation of music by Markus Reuter and friends.

Markus Reuter featuring Sha - 0000

released 15 September 2011 | 0000 is the first album in Markus Reuter’s “featuring” series of releases with extraordinary musicians.

Markus Reuter Interview May 2011 for DEGEM (in German)

released 01 August 2011 | Markus Reuter & Tobias Reber

Bernhard Wöstheinrich & Nadim Haque - Anentropic Potential

released 01 June 2011 | Bernhard Wöstheinrich and Nadim Haque performed this set as a concert broadcast live on “Codos Traumreisen” at the Dortmund, Germany radio station eldoradio* in December 2010.

Untight - Live at Theaterkapelle

released 30 May 2011 | Recorded live to two-track at Theaterkapelle, Berlin, Germany on May 11, 2011