Iapetus Newsletter October 2012

Dear friends, It’s been a while since our last e-mail update, so here’s a roundup of current news relating to the Iapetus / Unsung Productions family of artists: ‘Faith in Worthless Things’ by Lee Fletcher (featuring Markus Reuter & Lisa…

Lee Fletcher - Faith in Worthless Things

UR019 | released 01 October 2012 | The debut solo album by producer, songwriter, and musician Lee Fletcher, with guest featured artists Lisa Fletcher & Markus Reuter, plus an eclectic array of supporting musicians

centrozoon & friends - round table discussion July 2012 for DEGEM (in English)

Recorded on July 19th, 2012 via Skype conference call Cut up and edited by Markus Reuter & Whitney Leary

centrozoon - Fire

“Fire” documents the complete evening of centrozoon recordings at the foyer of Gütersloh’s town hall in June 2011.

Adrian Benavides - 
Same Time Next Life

UR016 | released 22 June 2012 | Same Time Next Life is Adrian Benavide’s solo debut record co-written and co-produced with my friend and Unsung Productions partner Markus Reuter.

Iapetus Newsletter June 2012

Dear friends, Welcome to our second bulletin featuring news highlights from artists within the Iapetus / Unsung Records family, and it’s a bumper crop this month: * Adrian Benavides: 2 x Releases inc. Free Single * Lee Fletcher (feat. Markus…

Stick Men - Open

released 09 May 2012

UR017 CD2
centrozoon - 
(Marziano Fontana Version)

UR017 CD1 | UR017 CD2 released 09 May 2012

Zweiton - Form

UR015 | released 01 May 2012