Adrian Benavides - Impostors

released 19 May 2015 | “Impostors” is a collection of Adrian Benavides’ remixes created for other artists and his own projects over the last seven years.

Bernhard Wöstheinrich & EarAfter? (Çağrı Erdem & Şevket Akıncı) - Live in Istanbul 2015

released 01 May 2015 | In April 2015 Bernhard Wöstheinrich traveled to Istanbul and performed with local musicans in Istanbul’s Caferağa neighbourhood.

The Friendly Guitar Trio - Shredding To Hypes

released 17 April 2015 | Shredding To Hypes is the debut album of the Viennese experimental guitar trio; The Friendly Guitar Trio.

Robert Jürjendal - Balm Of Light

IAP1503 | released 18 May 2015 | Dedicated to all who miss the light

Chris Herb - Oktan

released 01 February 2015 | ‘Oktan’ marks the second solo release by Chris Herb, with a deeper exploration in working with a physical instrument–an 8 string touch guitar–in creating essentially electronic dance music.

Isaac Vacuum - Isaac Vacuum

released March 8, 2015 | A menacing atmosphere rises when intense emotions collide with cold, analytic reason. This extreme tension is musically caught by ISAAC VACUUM

Nocturne Blue - Circle Around the Synthetic Sun

released 07 March 2015 | A quiet smile of celebration.

Ikarus - Echo

RON014 | released 26 March 2015 | „Evocative! A promising debut.“ (USA)

Erik Emil Eskildsen & Bernhard Wöstheinrich - Ambidextrous Sun

released 01 February 2015 | Ambidextrous Sun is the debut album of an eclectic duo consisting of the danish guitarist Erik Emil Eskildsen (The Friendly Guitar Trio) and the german synth player Bernhard Wöstheinrich (centrozoon).

Blast Unicorn - Van Halo

releases 01 April 2015 | Blast Unicorn is the joint project of touch guitarist Alexander Paul Dowerk and electronic musician Tobias Reber.