Nocturne Blue – I Came for the Light and Stayed for the Shadows

released October 31, 2016 | “…distills all the best elements of Massive Attack, Brian Eno-era Bowie, and Roxy Music into a sound all their own: an effervescent sugar rush of sound and vision.” – Michael Taylor, ‘Smells Like Infinite Sadness’

“Dutch Rall’s rich voice bursts into a Jeff Buckley falsetto while his low register David Bowie crooning resurrects shivers of over-stimulation…”

– Synthesis

“Markus Reuter has perfected a style of lush, layered, complicated process composition that combines surfaces of straightforward beauty with hidden depths of complexity and sometimes a richly forbidding darkness. “

– AllMusic


Dutch Rall – vocals, guitar, synths, bass, electronics, drums
Markus Reuter – U8 Touch Guitar® textures and solos
Kaitlyn ni Donovan – vocals (trks 1, 3)
Julie Slick – bass (trks 6, 10)
Eric Hart – additional electronics (trk 7)
Ladonna Man Ray – peregrine falcon handling

written, arranged, produced, performed & mixed by Dutch Rall
recorded in Berlin, Portland, West Hollywood, & Oak Cliff
trks 6 &10 written by Rall, Reuter, Slick
trk 1 written by Rall, Reuter, ni Donovan
trks 5 & 6 mixed by – Luke Bechtold
trk 10 mixed by Eric Hart at Glaus Haus Studios, Los Angeles