Moonbound – Peak Of Eternal Light

UR013 | released 02 May 2011 | “Peak of eternal light” by Moonbound is a sonic love letter to a bygone era of music

Capturing the essence of 80s pop rock without coming off derivative or passé is no mean feat, but Italian singer/songwriter/multi- instrumentalist Fabio Trentini (Subway to Sally, Le Orme) has done just that. “Peak of Eternal Light,” the latest album from Trentini’s pet music project Moonbound, is a loving and often rocking tribute to a bygone era where song structure ruled, musicianship was king, and pastel clothes were acceptable everyday attire.

Trentini’s success in achieving a sound that effectively blends elements of contemporary progressive rock with melodic 80s pop is due not only to his considerable prowess behind the mixing desk, but is also owed to the presence of co-producer and drummer Pat Mastelotto.

Best known for his work with two bands that epitomize both ends of the vast musical spectrum that existsbetween progressive rock and 80s pop – King Crimson and Mr. Mister – Mastelotto’s invaluable contribution serves as the driving force behind Trentini’s hooky compositions.

Aided and abetted by avant-garde touch guitarist Markus Reuter, who also co-produced and who makes an appearance on the album with his signature U8 touch guitar, the powerhouse duo of Trentini and Mastelotto morphs into a formidable trio whose collective talents and keen ears for 1980s sonic nuances have delivered what some are calling the best album of 2011.

Trentini, whose considerable aptitude as a producer recently helped propel medieval metallers Subway to Sally to the #4 spot in the German charts, has stopped at nothing to assemble something of an all-star cast for “Peak of Eternal Light” – also appearing on the album are drummer Michi Dei Rossi from legendary Italian prog band Le Orme, and longtime XTC guitarist Dave Gregory.

Moonbound: Our Day Will Come (video single) from iapetus on Vimeo.