Moonbound – I Know (Free Download)

released March 2, 2017 | “When I wrote ‘I Know’ I didn’t necessarily have Moonbound in mind.
In fact I was trying to compose some sort of mainstream rock song for other artists…”

“…I always liked the tune pretty much, but for some reason it never passed the demo status and remained unused for many years.

During the “Uncomfortable News From The Moon” recording sessions I finally decided to produce it.

I was pretty sure it would fit with the other compositions and I was planning to have it as the last song of the record…but eventually, when I came up with a new song called “Almighty Game” towards the end of the production, “I Know” felt somehow redundant, so I reluctantly decided to leave it out and use it later as a B-side or something like that.

This version features Pat Mastelotto on the drums and Markus Reuter playing some very nice scapes with his Touch Guitar. I sang, played upright electric bass, guitars and keyboards. I hope you’ll like it.”

– Fabio Trentini