Levitation Bros. – Live in Oberhausen 2014

released December 18, 2016 | This is what happens when the Redundant Rocker, a high end jazz drummer and a space funkateer on bass meet for a jam.

A serious space adventure, riding the magic carpet, fueled by pure fun at experimentation.
The Levitation Bros. are as light as air, floating like jelly fish and accelerating like a groovy monkey on a spaceship.

Levitation Bros. live at the »Gdanska«, Oberhausen. Germany, February 22, 2014


UFO Walter: Electric Bass Guitar, Electronics
Bernhard Wöstheinrich: Synths, Keys, Electronics
Markus Strothmann: Drums

audio production & mix
UFO Walter & Bernhard Wöstheinrich

Markus Reuter

Video edit {extract}

sound- and recording engineer
Jörg Hüttemann

Cover drawing:
Christine Kriegerowski

We would like to thank Wolfgang Hein, Jörg Hüttemann for their support. Thanks also to Jürgen Reinke at Gitarrissimo, Oberhausen