Isaac Vacuum – Lords

releases March 18, 2017 | A menacing atmosphere rises when intense emotions collide with cold, analytic reason. This extreme tension is musically caught by ISAAC VACUUM.

Technically sophisticated progressive-rock meets a heavy, sludgy and organic sound, which is – due to a focus on catchy harmony-vocals – still plausible despite dark complexity. ISAAC VACUUM opens the portal to this all new post prog rock world

Written and performed by:

Dan Mueller – vocals, guitars
Philipp Maike – guitars, vocals, bass
Stefan Huth – touch guitars, moog, vocals
Michel Schallenberg – drums

Produced by Stefan Huth & ISAAC VACUUM
Recorded @ LeFink Studio, SH-Studio
Mixed by Beray Habip @ LeFink Studio
Mastered by Lee Fletcher (for Unsung Productions)

Artwork photos by Nils Voges (
based on the sculpture “Hybris” by Prof. Gerhard Hahn.
Layout and design by Dan Mueller.


SPECIAL THANKS TO: Beray Habip, David Trapp, Malte Menzer, Markus Reuter, Max Kotzmann, Phil Reimann, Roman Dönicke for all the support to record this album.