Iapetus Newsletter February 2013

Dear friends,

Here’s another round-up of the latest Unsung Productions / Iapetus family news:

The audio CD version of Stick Men’s new album ‘Deep’ is now available for pre-order via the Iapetus store:
Stock begins shipping around the 19th February.

An expanded CD/DVD edition of the album (featuring live footage and band interviews) will follow in due course. More info on this to come…

Markus Reuter’s ‘Todmorden 513’ will receive its live world premiere on 18th April 2013 when the 50-piece Colorado Chamber Orchestra performs it to an audience in Denver. The concert will be recorded and filmed for a planned CD / DVD release.

To assist with the cost of this venture a PledgeMusic ‘crowdfunding’ campaign has been setup, which includes many pledger-only exclusive items and experiences. Everything you need to know can be found at the following link:

Lee Fletcher (plus co-featured artists Markus Reuter & Lisa Fletcher) has released a FREE companion-piece to last year’s critically acclaimed ‘Faith in Worthless Things’ album. ‘The Cracks Within’ is an eclectic 9-track collection of specially commissioned remixes by artists / producers Tim Motzer, Ingo Vogelmann, Fabio Trentini, Worldengine, Tobias Reber, Hollowcreature, Adrian Benavides, and Branwen Somatik.
Download here:

As the music is essentially being given away listeners are invited to make a voluntary donation to the MS Society charity, a cause close to the hearts of Lee and his family. A special sponsorship page has been created for those who wish to contribute in exchange for the otherwise free music:

For the next few weeks we’re offering customers who purchase individual downloads to the value of €8.00 Euros and over (via our Iapetus store: http://iapetus-store.com) a FREE CD of their choice from the following selection: Tobias Reber: ‘Backup Aura’ / Moonbound: ‘Confession And Release’ / centrozoon: ‘Never Trust The Way You Are’ / The Redundant Rocker: ‘Collider’ / TUNER: ‘TOTEM (Definitive Edition)’.

To participate simply enter your selection (and postal address) in the comments box when paying for your download. The deadline for this deal is 1st April 2013.

Finally for now, please enjoy this new video featuring the music of The Redundant Rocker (aka: Bernhard Wöstheinrich). Edited by Bernd Thiele and created using footage shot by Bernhard during his 2011 debut solo US tour. Bernhard describes the video as “a good resumption of the artistic concept of the release ‘Collider’…” Here’s the link:

More from the team soon – Thanks for your continued support!

The Iapetus / Unsung Productions team