Europa String Choir – Lemon Crash

released 01 April 2000 | A quartet consisting of violectra, two guitars and touch guitar from Centrozoon’s Markus Reuter.

Rich and beautiful melodies, exciting rhythmic interplay and surprising atmospheric contrasts dominate this contemporary electric chamber music. Featuring the excellent mixing work of David Bottrill, the outcome is an immediate and fascinating album.

Cathy Stevens – 6 String Violectra
Udo Dzierzanowski – Guitar
Alessandro Bruno – Guitar
Markus Reuter – 8 String Touch Guitar

Recorded at Stoke Farthing Studio, Wiltshire
Mixed by David Bottrill
Mastered by David Singleton at DGM Studios.
Produced by the ESC

ESC Photos by Antonio Pettinelli
Cover and all pictures from paintings by Adriano Gon
Art Design: Roberto Duse (2D)