Erik Emil Eskildsen – That Which Carries The Strength Of Time

IAP1402 | released September 9, 2016 | Composed, performed, and recorded live on July 28th 2013 at Birdie in Innsbruck, Austria. This album is dedicated to Erik’s father.

Erik Emil Eskildsen: electric guitar and electronics

Mastered by Yann Coppier (

Design by Laura Perona (under the guidance of Ritxi Ostáriz)

Cover photo by Erik Emil Eskildsen

I would like to thank Markus Reuter, Bernhard Wöstheinrich, Tobias Reber, Laura Perona, Ritxi Ostáriz, the Touch Guitar Circle, Touch Guitars®, Red Panda Lab, Paul Trombetta Design, and my mother for all her support.

Special thanks go out to Yann Coppier for the mastering, Jaanus Lee Damsgard for the Runaway Feedback, and Owen Keenan for the title.

This album is dedicated to my father.

Erik Emil Eskildsen plays Touch Guitars® U8, Red Panda Lab pedals, and Paul Trombetta Design pedals