centrozoon & friends – round table discussion July 2012 for DEGEM (in English)

Recorded on July 19th, 2012 via Skype conference call
Cut up and edited by Markus Reuter & Whitney Leary

centrozoon & friends: round table discussion

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Around the time of the release of our album, “Boner”, DEGEM, the German Association for Electroacoustic Music, offered us a two hour slot on their web radio to showcase our album and its history. We opted for a round table talk with friends and collaborators of the band. Markus was unavailable at the time but participated by cutting up the recordings in a similar way to what we did with the music on “Boner”, and interspersed them with pieces from our album.

The version uploaded here is the discussion only. We invite you to listen to “Boner” and our previous albums at www.iapetus-store.com.


  • Bernhard Wöstheinrich (centrozoon)
  • Tobias Reber (centrozoon)
  • Erik Emil Eskildsen (a close friend of cz)
  • Lee Fletcher (mastering engineer for “Boner” and long time cz collaborator)