centrozoon – blast

UR004 | Originally released 01 January 2000 | 2008 finally sees the remastered re-release of this sold-out classic, complete with an epic bonus track that didn’t make it on the first edition, and completely new artwork.

What is with the Germans and the synthesiser? From Tangerine Dream Kraftwerk and Can, these Teutonic knob-twiddlers have wielded the sine wave like a scythe through our consciousness and they show no signs of slowing down with their sonic assault”, wrote a baffled Sid Smith in his March 2000 review of this remarkable debut by german group Centrozoon.

Eight years later, the duo of Bernhard Wöstheinrich (synthesizers) and Markus Reuter (Touch Guitars®) needs no further introduction, having released a series of albums spanning from easily accessible soundscapes to utterly disturbing avantgarde scenarios and collages.

Markus Reuter – Processed Warr Guitar

Bernhard Wöstheinrich – Tonal and Rhythmic Modulations, Synthesizers, Keyboards, Sequencers