centrozoon – angel liquor

DivF06 | released 01 January 2006 | Featuring over 50 minutes of foreboding electric ambience, Centrozoon’s “Angel Liquor” creates dark atmospheres which pulse and glisten like the ominous calm before a shimmering electronic storm.

The term, Angel Liquor, refers to the spiritual nature of music: the muse, the good fairy, the angelic, the spirits. It’s minimal yet spacey ambient music for open minds, featuring subtle multi-channel guitar treatments and quirky, warbling synths.

This recording was created in real-time, with only minor editing and post-processing. Audiophile analogue signal paths were used during mixdown and mastering to further enhance the organic and complex fractal nature of the compositions.

Angel Liquor is the fifth album by the eclectic pop duo of Markus Reuter and Bernhard Wöstheinrich. Markus has recently collaborated with King Crimson drummer Pat Mastelotto, both on stage and in the studio. This recording shows Markus and Bernhard in a more experimental yet no less compelling light, and features artwork by the painter Francesco Lauretta.

composed and performed by reuter/wöstheinrich
mixed by bill munyon
mastered by simon heyworth at super audio mastering
produced by centrozoon and bill munyon
paintings “la patetica” (front) and “brillante” (back) by francesco laurett