Bernhard - Live in Cologne 2013

Bernhard – Live in Cologne 2013

released 19 November 2013 | “Live in Cologne 2013” is the recording of Bernhard’s performance at the 3. International Livelooping Festival (Y2K13) in Cologne.

Stick Men

Stick Men

Stick Men is a rock trio like no other. Playing instruments not seen or heard every day, and writing captivating and challenging music, they embody the tradition of progressive rock.

Troy Jones - New Peace

Troy Jones – New Peace

UR021 | released 01 July 2013 This project represents a life long effort for Troy Jones and is dedicated to the memory of his beautiful God daughter Bailee.

centrozoon - Fire

centrozoon – Fire

“Fire” documents the complete evening of centrozoon recordings at the foyer of Gütersloh’s town hall in June 2011.

UR017 CD2
centrozoon - 
(Marziano Fontana Version)

centrozoon – Boner (Adrian Benavides Version & Marziano Fontana Version)

UR017 CD1 | UR017 CD2 released 09 May 2012

Moonbound - Our Day Will Come (free download)

Moonbound – Our Day Will Come (free download)

released 01 April 2011

The Redundant Rocker - Heart

The Redundant Rocker – Heart

UR009 | released 01 January 2009 “An astounding array of instrumental songs that fuse pop and contemporary electronics to generate a relentless dose of exhausting tuneage.” Matt Howarth,

The Redundant Rocker - 

The Redundant Rocker – Collider

UNSUNG0601003 | released 01 June 2006 | Creating a world in which twisted sounds compete with straight beats and crafted melodies, “Collider” gleefully combines pop sensibilities with experimental production techniques.

centrozoon - the cult of: bibbiboo

centrozoon – the cult of: bibbiboo

released 01 September 2002 | tco:b is a future New Music classic.