TUNER – MÜÜT (Live in Estonia 2007)

UR007 | released 01 August 2008 | Recorded live in concert in Tallinn, Tartu and Viljandi in 2007.

The Season Standard - 
Squeeze Me Ahead Of Line

The Season Standard – Squeeze Me Ahead of Line

UR008 | released 11 July 2008 | Their music combines elements of Mathcore with funk passages and esthetically sounding components of the jazz and electronic genre.

Sha's Banryu - Chessboxing Volume One

Sha’s Banryu – Chessboxing Volume One

Ronin Rhythm Records 2008 | released 01 May 2008

centrozoon - lovefield

centrozoon – lovefield

UR002 | released 23 October 2007 | this album is dedicated to mike oldfield.

Markus Reuter & Robert Rich - 
Eleven Questions

Markus Reuter & Robert Rich – Eleven Questions

UR003 | released 01 May 2007 | This international collaboration was conceived, composed and recorded in person in one intense week at Robert Rich’s Soundscape studio in California.

Tuner - Pole

TUNER – Pole

UR001 | released 01 May 2007 | Pole’ is an innovative modern rock album, best described as an amalgamation of the styles and sounds of Tool, Peter Gabriel, Nine Inch Nails, and the daring attitude and scope of contemporary art.

Hoffmann-Hoock & Wöstheinrich - Conundrum

Hoffmann-Hoock & Wöstheinrich – Conundrum

DiND27 | released 01 April 2007 | DiN has always fostered an environment where unusual musical alliances can flourish. Such encounters seem to be of high significance both for Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock, the mastermind behind successful music projects like MIND OVER…

centrozoon - Never Trust The Things They Do (featuring Tim Bowness)

centrozoon – Never Trust The Things They Do (featuring Tim Bowness)

released January 10, 2007 | A genre-defying fusion of Art Pop, Progressive, Electronica and ballad influences, the album boasted a potent combination of mellow moods, difficult beats, powerful melodies and ambitious musical experiments.

The Redundant Rocker - 

The Redundant Rocker – Collider

UNSUNG0601003 | released 01 June 2006 | Creating a world in which twisted sounds compete with straight beats and crafted melodies, “Collider” gleefully combines pop sensibilities with experimental production techniques.



UR005 | released 01 June 2008 | Re-Release of the 2005 debut album of TUNER, the eclectic duo of Markus Reuter (Centrozoon) and Pat Mastelotto (King Crimson).