SMN1412 | released 21 October 2014 | To wrap up the first 5 years of the band’s existence, Stick Men release a special 2-disc “Anthology” that covers the ‘best of’ the existing release, plus a whole new disc of their…

Stick Men - Power Play

Stick Men – Power Play

SMN1411 | released 17 January 2014 | Recorded live on the DEEP Tour, USA 2013 | Beware! This is Stick Men’s first official live album! Powerful, intricate, heavy, and atmospheric.

Stick Men

Stick Men

Stick Men is a rock trio like no other. Playing instruments not seen or heard every day, and writing captivating and challenging music, they embody the tradition of progressive rock.

Troy Jones - New Peace

Troy Jones – New Peace

UR021 | released 01 July 2013 This project represents a life long effort for Troy Jones and is dedicated to the memory of his beautiful God daughter Bailee.

Fletcher | Fletcher | Reuter - Islands (Mike Oldfield cover)

Fletcher | Fletcher | Reuter – Islands (Mike Oldfield cover)

released 10 June 2013 | A distinctive new version of Mike Oldfield’s 1987 song ‘Islands’. Mastered by long-term Oldfield associate Simon Heyworth, and featuring guest performances from Tony Levin (Peter Gabriel / King Crimson / Bowie) and Tim Motzer (David Sylvian)…

Stick Men - DEEP

Stick Men – DEEP

released 19 February | 2013 Their newest and best work yet, Deep features heavy rock pieces Concussion, Horatio, the 11 minute tone poem Whale Watch and the musically amusing Nude Descending Staircase.

Stick Men - Open

Stick Men – Open

released 09 May 2012

Stick Men - Absalom

Stick Men – Absalom

released 12 March 2011 Stick Men embody the tradition of progressive rock