Dee Day Dub - Race

Dee Day Dub – Race

RON 011 | releases 20 February 2014 | “Dee Day Dub mixes dub and soul with distorted guitars and futuristic-sounding melodies – a radical contrast to the uniform rock music scene in Switzerland.” (Blick am Abend)

Stick Men - Power Play

Stick Men – Power Play

SMN1411 | released 17 January 2014 | Recorded live on the DEEP Tour, USA 2013 | Beware! This is Stick Men’s first official live album! Powerful, intricate, heavy, and atmospheric.

Bernhard - Live in Cologne 2013

Bernhard – Live in Cologne 2013

released 19 November 2013 | “Live in Cologne 2013” is the recording of Bernhard’s performance at the 3. International Livelooping Festival (Y2K13) in Cologne.

Tobias Reber - Kola

Tobias Reber – Kola

released 11 November 2013 | Composed and recorded by Tobias Reber, August 20-22, 2013

Markus Reuter - Live in Bethlehem 2013

Markus Reuter – Live in Bethlehem 2013

Performed and recorded live on October 10 2013 during the first hour of the radio show “Galactic Travels”, hosted by Bill Fox on WDIY.

Yoshi Hampl

Yoshi Hampl

Yoshi Hampl hails from the enchanting land of Austria. He creates his music using guitar, bass, percussions and electronics.

Ian Boddy & Markus Reuter - Colour Division

Ian Boddy & Markus Reuter – Colour Division

DiN43 | released 01 October 2013 “Colour Division” (DiN43) sees DiN label boss Ian Boddy once again collaborating with German composer and guitarist Markus Reuter.

Chris Herb - Death To False Techno

Chris Herb – Death To False Techno

“I hear the beat in a techno way, I feel the power rolling on the floor ’cause only one thing really sets me free True Techno, loud as it can be!”

Stick Men

Stick Men

Stick Men is a rock trio like no other. Playing instruments not seen or heard every day, and writing captivating and challenging music, they embody the tradition of progressive rock.

Ian Boddy

Ian Boddy

Ian Boddy has been at the forefront of the UK electronic music scene since 1983 when he both performed at the very first UK Electronica Festival in Milton Keynes and released his first vinyl album The Climb.