Adrian Benavides – Impostors

released 19 May 2015 | “Impostors” is a collection of Adrian Benavides’ remixes created for other artists and his own projects over the last seven years. This album also includes a new song from Bilderberg; his long-dormant industrial project with Earthdiver bandmate Mike Day.

Leading with Bilderberg’s “Huddled Masses”, the tone is set for this collection with big detuned guitars and glitch treatments playing major roles across the entire album.

The original versions of many of these songs were either co-produced, mixed or even written by Benavides himself thus displaying his versatility as a producer and his ability to playfully take a song arrangement to a completely different place.

All remixes have been remastered by Benavides for this release. Many of these tracks were previously unreleased, only available for a limited time or as part of import-only releases.

All remixes, mixing and mastering by Adrian Benavides
Album art sculpture by Kristen Myers

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