Welcome to my new monthly
newsletter update! 

Hi everyone! 

This is Markus Reuter writing to you. Since I consider you a person of elaborate musical taste I hope you will enjoy a little inspiration and input from my creative universe every now and then. Feel free to consider this as a curated guide to new avant-garde and innovative creations from various artists to ensure you are up to date with regards to new projects, releases and events that matter to me. 

Here we go …

Stick Men Tour & Official Bootlegs 

Stick Men just embarked on a new tour, taking us all across Europe. You can look up the individual dates here:

Looking forward to seeing you at one of our shows!

Also check out the new Stick Men Bootlegs from the current tour and past tours, all quality recordings from shows in various countries across the globe:

More bootlegs will be added to the list regularly.

Markus Reuter / centrozoon Subscription

For all fans of the Markus Reuter brand, you now have the chance to subscribe to my personal Bandcamp page for a VIP membership, which will give you access to all the new music I release, plus bonus items from my back-catalog, supporter-only specials, and exclusive access to my fan community:

If you’recentrozoon in for an additional treat, also subscribe to the centrozoon VIP membership for exclusive access and product:


Markus Reuter String Quartet Fundraiser

In personal matters, I’d like to ask you to dedicate a minute of your time to a new, dear-to-my-heart project for this year: the idea of composing a cycle of string quartet pieces, something I have been wanting to do for quite some time. With your support, chances are it might become a reality. Please check out the details of this endeavor here and feel free to contribute, become a part of this and help to bring this to life: 

Markus Reuter String Quartet Crowdfunding:

New Ronin Rhythm Records Releases

In other exciting news, I’d like to announce two new releases from our partners from Ronin Rhythm Records, Nik Bärtsch's amazing record label. Support these two talented bands by pre-ordering these releases of Hely and Kali, also available as hi-res files: 

Hely - Borderlands: luminous, full of contrasts; layered, extremely saturated, yet all the while, deliberately restrained.

Pre-order the album here

Kali - RiotKali - Riot: beautiful dark pattern spaces, hard minimal grooves and abstract mystical journeys with sound sensibility and progressive power.

Pre-order the album here

Hope you enjoyed this update, thank you for your time and attention, 


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